Boom Equipment Rental

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At Motor City Rentals, we rent and sell Boom Lifts at affordable prices. You want appropriate, safe equipment when working at high heights. These aerial lift platforms give workers safe access to elevated areas. They also help you work around obstacles and barriers in the construction area.

We offer onsite delivery to your location in the Canton/ Southeast Michigan area. We guarantee that our equipment will be given to you in the best possible condition. We offer only the best quality items for our clients. If you’re a contractor, construction company, or municipality, you can turn to us for all of your equipment needs. We supply electricians, roofers, automotive and industrial accounts. We can help you plan your project in advance, or supply you with same-day rentals for less than our competitors.

Rough Terrain Booms

These powerful, diesel  and dual fuel (unleaded and liquid propane) powered boom lifts are an important asset on most construction sites. We offer both construction style lifts, and articulated lifts. This means you can easily reach an area in your site, no matter what obstacles might be in the way. In some areas, the ground may be unstable or uneven. A rough terrain boom provides a stable platform for your workers to access these areas. They’re easy to get into position. And they’re precise. This creates a more efficient, safer work environment for everyone.

Electric Booms

These Boom Lifts are smaller, and are ideal for confined spaces. They’re powered by an electric power source. They are almost always powered by a battery. This means that they don’t emit any fumes, and are safe to use indoors. Some booms can be ran from a 110V outlet, but for the majority that is used to charge batteries overnight. The electric battery booms can also be used outdoors as a more environmentally friendly option. Due to their design, they work well for jobs that require you to move from side to side. Despite their size, they’re powerful, and can support a variety of attachments. They’re easy to maneuver, and typically feature non-marking tires. We carry the top quality brands and most trusted models of electric boom lifts.

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