Metro Detroit’s Source for Hi-Los

At Motor City Rentals, we supply Hi-Los and other Forklifts to businesses across Southeast Michigan. We offer same-day rentals that won’t break your budget. Our selection of name brand equipment is unmatched. So is our commitment to quality. We regularly test and maintain all items in our inventory. Construction companies, contractors, municipalities, and many others rely on our full-service approach.

Rough Terrain Hi Los

These reliable, easy to use machines work in any outdoor environment. Rough Terrain Hi-Los are perfect for construction sites, docks, yards, farms, or even forestry sites. They provide stability on unstable and uneven surfaces. We offer them in a variety of sizes, with carrying capacities to suit your needs. They’re efficient, durable, and are key to increasing productivity on your work site. If you’re working in an area with rough terrain, they’re a huge asset.

Electric Hi Los

This type of Hi Lo doesn’t burn any fuel, which means they’re safe to use indoors. These machines are both powerful, and compact. They can manage heavy loads, and fit into small spaces. With proper maintenance, these machines are super reliable. We work hard to make sure all hi-los are kept in the best possible condition. And we’ll work closely with you to make sure you select the right equipment for your needs.

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