Motor City Rentals is Your Source for Telehandlers

A Telehandler, or Telescopic Forklift, is a machine that can lift thousands of pounds at heights of over 50 feet. We offer a selection of telehandlers from trusted manufacturers. At Motor City Rentals, we test and maintain all equipment on a regular basis. We guarantee our Telehandlers to perform reliably, and safely. And we’re able to offer them at unbeatable prices. Whether you’re planning a long-term project, or looking for a same-day rental, we’ll get you to work.


We rent telehandlers with Forks in various sizes, Buckets, and Truss Booms. This makes them useful in many different situations. They can reach places that a typical forklift may not be able to. They have a telescopic boom which gives them a much greater range of motion than your standard warehouse forklift. They’re used in both industrial, and agricultural applications. And they’re a go-to piece of equipment on many construction sites as a result of their versatility.

Rough Terrain Telehandlers

These telehandlers are ideal for remote locations, or uneven terrain. They provide stability so that you can work with confidence. Outdoor construction sites often require special equipment to ensure your workers safety. Our rough terrain telehandlers work in just about any environment.

Compact Telehandlers

On residential construction sites, space is often limited. Compact telehandlers are easy to maneuver in tight spaces. If your work site is confined to a small area, this may be the right choice for you. Some can even be outfitted with special attachments, allowing them to serve the purpose of multiple tools.

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